Bug reporting via memes

"A picture is worth a thousand words" - well, who has not heard that before but as with most things simple we might not give it its due because it's easily understood. 

In our team we have a pretty straight forward process to deal with bugs. I demo it to the dev, and add a sticky on the board for it to be fixed. Most of the time the fixes take priority, so we can move the stories across. It works well for our context.

Today, when working from home I wanted to share a bug with my dev - list view loosing placeholder image data on scroll on android. I typed the steps to reproduce on slack and then followed it with the below image 

The team loved it... (Yea, you read that right! dev's loved the bug report ;)
It was fun and made the point clear... 
I bet it would look stunning on the kanban board compared to the long list of words on a sticky...


yagsy said…
What a great idea. It's fast, it brings immediate attention for the whole team to become involved.
Amandeep Singh said…
Sounds like a great idea, Sharath.

Memes work wonders if used the right way - gets the job done and keeps the fun alive within the team ;)

Interestingly, I submitted a similar meme'd bug report on slack and below is what the Meme I got back in reply read from my developer as it was a Friday and I was insisting my dev to deploy it so we could close a bug before new week kicks in :P

Don't have the meme now, but it read something on these lines "Request deployment on a Friday and I will deploy you" - the meme had rambo with a gun in the backdrop :D

Fun, isn't it?
Thanks for the comments JeanAnn and Amandeep.

@Thats brilliant Amandeep, check if you can find it and post it here. I would love to see that.
Matt Frampton said…
Love this idea!

Do you have a favourite meme of the sprint type award? :)

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