I have woken up…have you?

Yesterday night I reached home from office at around 9PM, I turned on the TV news channels with hope, but could only see Taj burning. Even after approximately 48 hrs our India was burning. I felt angry, I felt annoyed, I felt terrible, I fumed on our leaders and then I felt like slapping myself. Why?

I don’t know my neighbors, I don’t know whose car/bike is parked near my house, I don’t know my area members, I don’t know anything about the community I live in. Why? Maybe I do not have time? (A typical answer by our community) Maybe I don’t see the value in knowing them? Maybe it’s not my job? I work hard from day to night? Or maybe it’s my ego, laziness and carelessness?

I think it’s all of these, that today I see my India burning; I feel I am also responsible for this terrible incident. I assumed I am a good citizen because I vote, but I feel our responsibility as a citizen does not end at voting.

I today have taken the initiative to bring my area people together and to build a better community. Here are the points I would like to address in the community meet probably tomorrow.

• Pay respect to our soldiers, police and all security personnel who rescued us all.

• Wish one another, when you pass by, at least smile; let’s try to build a better community we could all be proud of.

• Please know your neighbors.

• Ensure who you rent your house to, check his background, approach association (area welfare association) or police (area police station) if you seek more information.

• Greet and question strangers on their purpose of visit. If you get suspicious get your neighbors help or approach/call the police or seek associations help.

• Report any unknown vehicle parked near your house.

• Let’s all help ourselves to create a better community for our loved ones. We do not need our leaders to teach us to live in harmony, let’s take the initiative to show the world how united we stand.

Let’s throw our EGO’s out, to live a little longer

I have talked to my father and their association (“our area” welfare association) to spread the message today evening. But I shall pass my comments to our welfare association and from today on I make a promise to myself to be an active member of our welfare association.

I know I might not be able to counter terrorism, by trying to achieve the above, but I feel unity is what we lack in our country and a stronger community could be the starting point towards a better administration, to have better leaders, and to fight back against evil forces.

Hope you all have woken up.

Source of the image: http://blogs.reuters.com/india/2008/11/27/sitting-here-watching-the-taj-burn-down/

Update on Dec 01: On Saturday night I discussed the event with my area welfare association, and they were happy to see young men taking the initiative. They gave me a better idea to communicate with our area members. And so, on Dec 13-14, when we have our area gathering for an event, we shall communicate this message. I and two of my area friends are thinking on the best way to make an impact. I shall update you all after the event.

I hope this catches on, I repeat let's all unite, let us not forget this incident as we normally have, let this fire burn in our heart always.

Update on December 16: The gathering was fantastic and we had a senior citizen in our community (area) announcing the checklist (we could not find a projector and so settled for announcing). I felt extremely happy when I saw most of my community (area) people observe silence as a mark of showing respect.

I hope this catches on in other areas, which could in turn help us counter the evil forces to some extent.

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Award for Best Contributor to Testing Community - Test Republic

Hi All,

Felt like sharing the good news with you all

I have been chosen for the award “Best Contributor to Testing Community - Test Republic” which shall be presented at the 8th Annual International Software Testing Conference on 24th November at the Leela Palace, Old Airport Road, Bangalore.

Test Republic has truly lived up to it’s name and it’s quote “Meet. Share. Network. @ Global online social networking platform exclusively for Software Testing Professionals.” It has more than 2500 members and close to 200 discussions. I have learnt a lot from the discussions at Test Republic, and I hope to see you all as members and learn from you all.

I thank Edista and Test Republic Team for running such a fantastic testing community and to choose me for the Award.

Disclaimer: All the blogs shared by me are my ideas, my thought, my understanding of the subject and does not represent any of my employer’s ideas, thought, plans or strategies.

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