Make developers responsible for checking

This chapter Make developers responsible for checking from Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your Tests book is exactly how I feel about checking. 

Awesome book and a brilliant chapter.

Many thanks to the authors Gojko Adzic, David Evans and Tom Roden

Intermittent Bugs? make them visible

Next time when you come across those pesky intermittent bugs try adding them to a wall or a board instead of logging them in JIRA. The wall can be next to your standup wall or a separate wall. The key is to choose a space that will catch your teams attention. 

This can help...
  • notice a pattern with intermittent issues. You can then start grouping them under race conditions or corrupted data or specific state of the environment or performing tasks in a specific order, etc
  • team is constantly aware of the random problems and so any related or similar issue found could help in investigating the root cause
  • because the bugs are no longer hidden under a label in the bug database they have a higher probability of being fixed.

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