Thank U Codecademy & Udacity

Hi All,

I share with you all Codecademy & Udacity the two brilliant sites for someone interested to learn programming. What I like about the two sources is that a lot of thought, hard work has gone in to developing the exercises and assignments on them.
I have been using Codecademy for close to 5 months now and Udacity for approximately a month and this is what I feel


I came across the site Codecademy when I wanted to learn Java Scripting. I do not remember which blog or tweet pointed me to this awesome source but I am extremely thankful to whoever shared the link.
The site is extremely easy to understand and I guess it takes just over a minute for you to start typing your first program. I love learning when it’s hands on and less of theory and that is exactly what I found in Codecademy. You read a paragraph and then you code. There are a lot of exercises to practise and a lovely forum to help you around when you get stuck.
The site has now introduced more chapters like HTML, CSS, JQuery, Python(buggy, still in beta though).


Udacity blew my socks away when I signed up for their first course “Introduction to Computer Science”. I clicked on Introduction, the first chapter in the class and there they were my two instructors for the course. David Evans is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Virginia and as of now he is my favourite professor. I am amazed how easy he makes it for us to learn programming. I had tried learning python at the start of my career but did not follow it up because I got bored after reading till dictionary. This time around I am flying thanks to David Evans and his brilliant team. The course is extremely engaging and interactive. I make it a point to at least learn one chapter a day and it is so possible!
Similar to Codecademy Udacity also has a brilliant forum that is very helpful and responsive.
Other than computer science and programming there are courses in physics, statistics, maths, AI, cryptography, etc

I appreciate and thank everyone associated with both Udacity and Codecademy for bringing such an AWESOME, EDUCATING, BRILLIANT course for FREE so everyone can benefit from it.

Thank YOU Codecademy and Udacity

If you have come across other sources which you feel is helpful for a beginner to learn programming please share it. Thanks