Automation vs Manual Testing…Really?

I have never bothered to write about this or talk about it because I sincerely feel there are enough papers explaining the benefits and drawbacks of each (Just look at the Test Automation?? widget on the blog). But for some reason this discussion keeps coming back in different forms L

First it was the winrunners vs manual, and then came the QTP wave now it’s the web drivers, jasmine, cucumber/spec flows, etc etc.  vs manual? Really?

It’s amazing how much test automation has moved on from bulky huge licensing structure into light weight, open source collaborative setup. The new set of tools are fantastic and business facing which we as testers always craved for. On the other end manual testing has moved on from writing/running bunch of lines of steps in QC, to planning, testing, learning and interpreting tests in exploratory sessions.

Both at least to me have its merits, traps and limitations and I feel identifying and learning how to overcome them is what will help us get better and deliver value from testing than arguments around “Life is too shortfor manual testing. Would you agree?” or Should Testers Learn How to Write Code? 


What Testing Certifications should do?

Want to find out how AST BBST, an online course transformed me? or for that matter what any certification should try to achieve? Published on Testing Circus http://www.testingcircus.com/how-bbst-transformed-me-as-a-tester/

WeekNight Testing is Back

The magic that transpired at Skills Matter on 23-Mar-2011 when WeekNightTesting went LIVE with Markus Gaertner facilitating from Hamburg, LisaCrispin from San Francisco and Mike and I from London has inspired us to take WeekNight Testing out of the chat app to LIVE testing sessions.

How do we plan to do it?
Testers meet at a common location in the evening at around 17:45 UK Time with their laptops and energy to test, question, learn, discuss about testing.

At 18:00 the test session facilitator announces a testing challenge that is time boxed for an hour. Testers have the freedom to pair up with other testers or work on their own to meet the challenge. Testers can also use any test tools, strategies, and ideas to accomplish the challenge.

At the end of the hour we take a 5 min break and jump into a discussion session (de-briefing) for the next hour to share our test ideas, assumptions, tools used, strategy chosen to meet the challenge.

When & Where is the first event?
The first LIVE test session of the year is scheduled on 10th of April 2013 at SQS. I thank SQS a lot for their support and sponsorship of the first event.

Please Note: Since this is a LIVE event there are only 25 spots up for grabs. So don’t miss out. 

How do I register?

Next Steps?
We want to run more such test sessions in the year frequently. So if any of you are interested in sponsoring, facilitating or just testing. Please email Tony or me.