Is Tester|||Doctor?

I met with an accident one and a half week back, my shoulder was in pain. Guzzled some pain killers, applied Pain relievers on my right shoulder went to sleep, next day I could not move my shoulder.

Next day...

I called my Dad, to enquire if he knew a good orthopaedician. Got the details went to the hospital took an appointment and waited for 1.5 hrs to finally meet the doctor.

The doctor started testing

Doctor started with a set of questions

How did you meet with the accident?
Did you fall on the ground?
Previous troubles with the right shoulder?
Did you do some self medication?
And so on...

Later he examined the shoulder, confirmed where exactly the pain was. But asked me to get the x-ray, and handed a prescription for the X-ray.

After getting the x-ray, doctor looked at the x-ray confirmed that there is no fracture but a ligament tear and required at least 2 weeks of rest.

No it’s not the end it just got interesting

2 weeks no way doc is there a way I could start using my right shoulder in a week? It’s very hard to apply leave for so long? What about my anniversary plans? Who will answer my clients?

The Doc explained the later effects on the shoulder, the risks if required rest not provided. He later put the ball in my court.

After one and half weeks I am still at home resting my right shoulder and typing this blog with my left hand.

This made me wonder how testers and doctors are different. Well, according to me they are not but the way stakeholders acknowledge information from a tester is different to the information received by the doctor.

Or do we as testers miss to highlight the impact in the information we provide?

Comments guys

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