The never ending debate - Manual vs Auto, is manual testing dead? do we need manual testing in agile? & blah blah

We have delivered over 20 builds to production in the last 12 months. (avg 15 stories per sprint)
We have no show stoppers or major issues reported by end users.
We have customised sprint + kanban to suit our team dynamics.
We believe that a story is Done/Ready for sign-off when it's DEV + Test complete
We pair up with Business for Story Kick-offs, grooming cards, demos, etc
We pair up with Dev's for tech tasks, API tests & support/bug investigations
We pair up with Dev Ops for infrastructure testing, build, deployment process
We test functionality, integration, migration, UX, localisation, regression

And YES We test most of our cards MANUALLY (SBTM approach).

to be continued...


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