The most useful sense in testing – Beware of it

At my workshops I ask testers to guess “the greatest testing tool available to them”. Any guesses on the replies? Every popular tool in the market right from the bulkiest most expensive to open source tools out there. Some times I am happy to hear Google.

I then pop this poster up by Andy Glover and the group goes oooh ya! And most of the times followed by giggles. 

I love this poster because I believe the human body is the greatest testing tool available to us, our eye the most useful. We find most bugs by observing, analysing, comparing by the tool eye. How fascinating isn’t it? But can our eye overpower other senses?

See it to believe it!

Thanks to Tom Roden, my colleague for sharing this amazing video.


Andy Glover said...

Glad to hear my drawings are being used for a good purpose :)

Selenium Training in Chennai said...

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