Weekend Testing

I went online at around 1130PM Saturday hunting for some challenge to exercise my sleepless mind. Pinged Ajay and Manoj on GTalk and they had plans of testing a product. After around 45 min spent on researching what to test we finally decided upon www.tinyurl.com

The mission was simple hunt for bugs, and so did we. The session was fantastic; bugs started flowing from the first minute, and all three of us had loads of fun. The test techniques varied individually and the discussions we had during the test session been great.

Once we were thru with the session, Manoj and me left and Ajay did almost most of the post production. So, it would be nice to read the full report from his blog @ http://enjoytesting.blogspot.com/2009/08/trio-testing-at-distance-part-1.html

So, next time if you are not feeling sleepy or feel like practicing your test skills with other testers or feel like learning some thing new or feel like sharing your test ideas, or just curious to know what this is all about. Drop a mail to weekendtesting@gmail.com

Thanks Manoj and Ajay for helping me sleep. (This statement is a bit controversial :)

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Skeeve said...


After dropping a mail we ended up chatting and whilest getting to know eachother ended up testing each others company web page. And getting kind of competitive.

Found errors:
B&O website:
*)Searcing for " " really did search for all space's in website.
( And multiple whitespaces were not treated as one).
*)an SQL error was shown to user when an object was not found
*) String "false" was shown on image gallery for some reason.

EFI website:
*) Search function ignored whitespaces but still showed them
in search box
*) Required email field did not check for "@" character.
*) When Returning customers email was asked characters "a" and "@" were accepted as correct. But "asdfasdf" was not.
*) incorrect address on addressbar gave standard web explorer 404 error. It was not handled by web server

Might have been more, but it was fun.

Ajay Balamurugadas said...

Hi Skeeve,

It was me who chatted with you.

And the unofficial healthy competition was between us. :)


Test with me @