Couple of weeks back when I met Pradeep, Manoj and Mohan at Edista Testing Institute, Pradeep handed me a project/assignment report to glance thru and asked for my observations of the report.

I glanced thru the mission statement, test scenarios, bugs logged, testers own analysis/review of the assignment, the answers to the difficult questions like
• What did I do well?
• What did I not do well?
• What wasn’t I able to do?
• Why wasn’t I able to do whatever I couldn’t do?
• How much time did I pit in on daily basis?
• What did I learn about what I don’t know during these days?
• What tools did I use in this project & what tools did I discover?

I felt very happy; I looked for the author name and asked Pradeep for more information about the author and the reply by Pradeep was a “fresher” who has just completed the Finishing school from Edista.

WOW! I doubt if I might have written such a good report as a fresher for my first testing assignment.

Check out the report for yourselves @ http://www.scribd.com/full/13774644?access_key=key-13o6fneq87daonc2luix

From the report I did not see a trainee documenting some stuff for the sake of a certificate or a trainee not interested in testing, forced into the role going thru the formalities of a course. I felt the report is written by a tester, who is passionate about what he is learning that to me is a great sign for Indian testing.

Jai ho etifinishingschool

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