How many bugs in the software?

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How many bugs in the software?

Let's read a story of Birbal (Birbal was an advisor in the court of Akbar and is very popular for his sharp intellect and sense of humour)

One day Akbar was strolling in his palace gardens with his dear minister Birbal. Many crows were flying around. The King enjoyed their flying. Just then he thought, that how many crows could be in his kingdom and immediately posed this question to Birbal.

Birbal thought a moment, then said, "They are ninety-five thousand, four hundred and sixty three (95, 463) crows in your kingdom, Huzoor." "How do you know that for sure?" the King asked. "You can get them counted, Huzoor." Birbal said.

The king again said, "If there will be less than that, then?" Birbal replied immediately, "That means that the rest of them have gone on vacation to some neighboring kingdoms." "Or if there were more than that, then?" "Then it means that other crows are visiting your kingdom, Huzoor."

I hope the story answers “How many bugs in the software?”

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Ajai said...

A vague question merits a vague answer...

Precise question merits both precise and vague answers

Shrini Kulkarni said...

>>>Precise question merits both precise and vague answers

Just as vague as when a managers asks "how good is the product" "Is it ready", "how many bugs are there" ...

Often we struggle with vague questions ... in software testing it is very common


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