Why TestToTester????!!!!

Hi All,

Let's start with the basics. Who AM I?
My name is Sharath Byregowda, a self inspired, passionate software tester with around 4 years of experience in testing. In the 4 years of testing, I have learned/ disagreed/ challenged/agreed/questioned -- the process/managers/co-workers/software/myself.
On the personal front, I am married to a wonderful human being “sunitha”, I thank her for reading all my blogs/listen to my ideas/supported me/and sometimes forgive when I stay late :-).

Why TestToTester??
After 4 yrs in testing, not very satisfied (though appreciated from clients and managers across most projects), the passion to learn more, the urge to prove myself, the urge to prove the industry that testing is not a click-click job (I shall not categorize every one into this, but yes I have come across many) all of these led me to the world of blogging, where I came across many inspiring, thought provoking articles. The blogs which inspired me the most are
http://testertested.blogspot.com/, http://shrinik.blogspot.com/, http://www.satisfice.com/blog/, http://www.satisfice.com/kaner/ , http://www.developsense.com/ . I know the list does not end here; I have been going through only these as of now and will surely add to the list.

Pradeep Soundararajan blogs has been the most inspirational for “TestToTester”. The coffee with pradeep changed a lot within me as a tester, which you would know if you continue reading “TestToTester”.

“TestToTester” is about my learning’s, tests to myself(a tester) – hence called “TestToTester”

Please feel free to disagree with me, challenge me, discuss with me, by posting your comments. Also, feel free to reach me at
sharu.b@gmail.com . I stay in Bangalore and my phone number is 9845400742

Disclaimer: All the blogs shared by me are my ideas, my thought, my understanding of the subject and does not represent any of my employer’s ideas, thought, plans or strategies.


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